Partnering Agencies

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • FREEDOM Regional Consultants
  • National, Regional & Local Financial Institutions
  • U.S. Department of HUD Intermediaries

Place Based Training

FREEDOM Consultants are strategically placed around the nation so that they can use their regional understanding and knowledge in conjunction with their more than 120 years of combined knowledge and practical experience. Through designing and presenting custom designed training and technical assistance, held on-site at your location, we can equip your team, whether it be starting your non-profit or taking it to the ‘next level’. Monthly meetings onsite, supplemented by monthly conference calls to track and update progress as well as two (one full day, one half day) ‘retreat’ training and equipping sessions is supplemented by access to your assigned consultant to help overcome those moments where an extra push or helping hand is needed highlight the one year track. Selected training ‘by design,’ provides the exact training remedy and capacity development demanded by the situation and need of the organization(s) requesting and receiving it.

Additionally, optional networking sessions with our other national partner training groups allows for cross-pollenization of ideas, methods and resources. Finally, but not exhaustively, your custom designed training course addresses the specific needs and challenges that you face in your community, and supplemental support and training is available through our Place Based Training Online modules. Topics that range from Mission, Vision, Leadership Development, Developing a Diverse Funding Stream, Organizing Your Community and Assessment and Capacity Building are just a few of the areas addressed. Pricing is designed to encourage partnership with FREEDOM as we join together to “Change the world, one community at a time.”

Sample Place Based Training Outline

Sample One-Year Place Based Training Format