F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Affiliate – San Antonio, Texas

Community Development

South Texas Affordable Housing Initiative


This initiative’s clear and stated objective is to build and re-build affordable and mixed income communities for low income, immigrant and minority families and to build capacity in organizations that provide components of the housing continuum to that segment of the population. This process is outlined and supported by the following affordable housing continuum: 1) Home Ownership Education and Counseling, 2) Financial Self-Sufficiency Training, 3) Community Organization and Collaboration, 4) Community and Neighborhood Planning, 5) Housing Development and Marketing, and 5) Home Owner Retention Programs.  These segments operate together to facilitate a fluid and comprehensive process of community re-development in Targeted Delivery Areas (TDA), which strengthens the communities involved and defines this initiative’s success.

The Home Ownership Education and Counseling, Financial Self-Sufficiency Training, Community Organization and Collaboration, and Home Owner Retention Programs is a collaborative effort led by Macedonia CDC, F.R.E.E.D.O.M., and Vision Financial Services in conjunction with various community-based organizations, churches, government and quasi-government development agencies, private sector businesses and stakeholders and financial institutions.


Community and Neighborhood Planning

                Working with the Office of Planning & Economic Development, the collaborative has begun the process of and will, where appropriate and/or necessary, participate in the development or re-development of a neighborhood planning and design process that could include, but is not limited to:  Neighborhood design charette in conjunction with local colleges, universities, architects and designers; Land use analysis; and appropriate zoning support to enhance the TDA.

The planning process itself is an integral part of the overall community development process initiated by the City of San Antonio 4 years ago.  The primary TDA has been the subject of more than $2,000,000.00 of funding to improve roads, sewers, and other essential infrastructure.  Designated by the city as the ‘Alice Faye’ district located in District 6, where Councilman Barrerra has worked hand in hand with myriad community groups and local agencies to facilitate a comprehensive infrastructure overhaul, this area is now primed for targeted development of residential and commercial property that will impact the entire community.

Housing Development and Marketing

                        The Macedonia CDC, working as lead agency in partnership with F.R.E.E.D.O.M. and Freddie Mac and in cooperation with selected churches, developers and development agencies and organizations, will create new affordable housing stock for low income, immigrant and minority communities and peoples in TDAs.  Utilizing The Housing Fund to leverage municipal, state, and private funds, we identify, qualify and purchase appropriate houses, lots and land to fulfill this goal.  We work through the process of development step by step, acting as developer when appropriate, and as facilitator when more prudent.  When working with lots and land, priority is given to identifying sites compatible with developing both new and rehabilitated affordable housing as well as other institutions and facilities that support and serve as catalysts for TDA revitalization and change.