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Atlanta, Georgia

“Get the Facts” Home-ownership Initiative


A Freddie Mac local lending Initiative with 1st United Congregational Church of Atlanta, F.R.E.E.D.O.M., Homeownership Training Center Inc., Designated Lender and Freddie Mac


First United Congregational Church in Atlanta is one of the historical landmarks in the downtown Atlanta community.  Build in the early 1800s by Blacks, it’s current reconstruction and renovation mark a great moment in the positive redevelopment of downtown Atlanta.  Additionally, the 6 acres of land owned by 1st UCC in downtown represent an opportunity to decisively impact affordable housing and community services.  This collaboration with HOTC and Freddie Mac represents an opportunity to provide further needed services to the community. The Homeownership Training Center (HP) works to meet these needs by assisting in neighborhood revitalization efforts and offering necessary social service programs. Homeownership Training Center has developed several resources to assist residents of Atlanta County in improving their housing situations.  A new way Homeownership Training Center will assist is through this “Get the Facts” homeownership Initiative in collaboration with 1st UCC and Freddie Mac.

The purpose of this effort with the Homeownership Training Center office and the newly established educational wing of 1st UCC is to provide low to moderate income families in Atlanta with homebuyer education and counseling, financial literacy along with other innovative affordable mortgage products to assist them in attaining affordable and quality homeownership.

Initiative Overview

Through this Initiative, we will be able to provide these clients with information that will elevate their awareness that homeownership is within their reach.  HP will also be able to provide the homebuyer education and counseling that may be necessary to move the clients into homeownership.