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Cleveland, Ohio

A Homefree USA and Homes Saved By Faith/Home Ownership Training Center Foreclosure Intervention Initiative provided in collaboration with City of Cleveland, Participating Elected Officials, Selected Financial Institutions, Various Faith-Based Organizations and Associations, and Other participating agencies 

Initiative Summary

HomeFree USA is a certified HUD Intermediary and has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to the Cleveland community.  Homes Saved By Faith and Home Ownership Training Center have provided technical assistance and capacity building for the faith based community nationally and regionally.  This collaboration recognizes and provides access to management resources that will help train, track and report client activity efficiently and accurately. The purpose of this effort is to provide all families in Cleveland with homebuyer education and counseling, financial literacy and immediate support for foreclosure intervention and prevention.

The collaborative will present informational workshops in various public locations, providing an overview of the foreclosure process and intake services to give participants direct access to FREE intervention services provided by HUD through HomeFree USA and other Certified HUD Intermediaries.  These training outreach sessions will also highlight available legitimate credit building services as well as homeownership opportunities that have increased due to changes in housing in the Cleveland market.