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The Necessary 'Re-Education' of America

“Join hands in the words of the old Negro Spiritual and sing together: ‘Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty, I’m (we’re) Free At Last!!!’”

Third party seeks candidates for CT elections, including governor

Rev. Carl McCluster, pastor of the Shiloh Baptist Church in Bridgeport said, “We have come here today to change the course of our state, our nation, and of the world.”

Third party on the ballot for 2022 Governor race

Carl McCluster of the Shiloh Baptist Church said, “It’s time for a new path for our state, our nation and for the world”

Pastor McCluster, Founding Member/Organizer, Helps Launch Faith Acts for Education

Breaking the Ice – Rev. Carl McCluster on Black History Month

Homes Saved by Faith – Watch “Foreclosure Prevention Classess”

Regional Housing Summit w/ FHLB-SF, Congressman Jim Himes and Faith & Community Leaders – Watch “Congressman, Faith Based Leaders & Community Organization Talk Housing”

Watch “Pastor Carl McCluster Wants Legislature To Act On CCJEF Decision”

Martin Luther King Jr. Corridors Initiative


New Britain


New Britain Publications

Letter from New Britain’s Co-Chairs

A mark of a new beginning has been officially made. Co-Chairs Mayor Erin Stewart and Bishop Dale Shaw jointly lead the collaborative initiative between the City of New Britain, Black Ministers Alliance of New Britain, and Freedom, Inc. This initiative will forever change the face of the City of New Britain.

The Black Ministers Alliance of New Britain and a coalition of other organizations in the state have announced the creation of a Martin Luther King, Jr. Corridors Initiative.

City of New Britain chosen to revitalize Martin Luther King Drive.

Town Hall style meeting Thursday to discuss plans for MLK Drive.

Discussion begins on renovation of Martin Luther King area in New Britain.

Ideas aired for improvements to New Britain’s MLK Drive area

MLK Corridors Initiative steering committee meets to discuss redeveloping neighborhoods

Norwalk Publications

Norwalk to focus on MLK Boulevard with ‘Corridor Initiative’

Norwalk to launch MLK Corridors Initiative

Taking King’s mission to the streets

Norwalk residents offer feedback for MLK corridor plan

Middletown Publications

Middletown launches MLK Corridors Initiative with Norwalk, New Britain