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Connecticut Faith Leaders Collaborative (CFLC)

Who We Are?

The 16 member CT Faith Leaders Collaborative includes the Senior appointed or elected leaders of CT’s Baptist, Congregational, Episcopal, Jewish, Lutheran, Methodist, Assemblies of God and Pentecostal Houses of Worship as well as Independent Hispanic and African-American Congregations and Councils of Churches whose collective houses of worship in CT number well over 1,400, membership is in the Millions and constituent service and ministry recipients are literally countless. We reside in every County and Municipality in the Nutmeg State.

What We Seek?

Our Purpose is to tactically and strategically impact Local, Regional and National policy, legislation, programs and practices in areas including, but not limited to Social, Economic and Racial Justice, addressing issues focusing on underserved citizens and communities by our collective and collaborative influence.

What We Have Done?

In 2020, God has graced the Connecticut Faith Leaders Collaborative, empowering the group to impact several key areas in our state and nation through our collaborative work. A short list of noteworthy contributions of CFLC are: –

  • Successfully supported the most comprehensive social and civil justice legislation on law enforcement in the United States,
  • Led and covered our State and Nation through open, collaborative and impactful ecumenical and cross-cultural prayer events and activities,
  • Successfully engaged CT Governor and state Re-opening committee to co-author Covid-10 reopening guidelines for CT Houses of Worship,
  • Reversed State plan for Executive Orders violating Faith Community 2nd and 14th Amendment Rights,
  • Led our congregations and communities to one of the most effective Covid-19 response and mitigation outcomes in the United States,
  • Initiated the Launch of the National Faith Leaders Collaborative