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Everett, Massachusetts 

Everett, Mass  – The Covenant Christian Church Alliance (CCCA), Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development  (HUD), City of Everett, Neighborworks America (NW),Chelsea Community Developers (CCD), Homes Saved By Faith (HSBF), Zion Community Social Corporation (ZCSC), and New England Missionary Baptist Convention announced their collaboration to bring relief and resources to the citizens of the Boston MSA through hosting Nationally Acclaimed Author and PBS Television Host of the series “Moneywise”, Kelvin Boston as the keynote for their kickoff of intervention and service programs.

HUD continues to fulfill its mandate to encourage homeownership retention and acquisition through the efforts of Intermediary Neighborworks America and its local affiliate Chelsea Community Developers in conjunction with HSBF and a host of viable faith-based partners.  This collaboration with Faith-Based organizations through partnership with Homes Saved by Faith develops resources to assist residents of Mass in improving their housing situations.  This is done through direct intervention and counseling in foreclosure, and by providing ongoing education and support for homeownership through financial literacy training. 

FDIC MoneySmart curriculum will serve as the core curriculum for initial intervention by Faith-Based participants and NW America affiliates will address the next level of client need through homeownership education, financial literacy and/or foreclosure counseling.