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Recognizing the positive impact of homeownership and affordable rental housing on personal, familial and community stability and wealth development, FREEDOM has developed multiple meaningful partnerships with agencies most capable and committed to developing self-sustaining activities and programs to that end. FDIC, HUD and The Federal Home Loan Bank (Atlanta/Boston/San Francisco), along with multiple State and Municipal Housing Finance Authorities and myriad national and regional Banks, Credit Unions and other Financial Institutions work with FREEDOM and their local affiliates to develop opportunities for Financial Freedom through Foreclosure prevention and intervention (More than 100K serviced through FREEDOM’s Homes Saved By Faith), improving credit utilization and scores (Financial FREEDOM) and through creating attainable pathways to homeownership (Home Ownership Made Easy).

Economic Development

Houses of Worship, Faith-based Organizations, Community Economic Development Corporations and Municipalities and other Governmental Agencies are all partner beneficiaries of FREEDOM Economic Development Initiatives. FREEDOM practices a collaborative model which identifies viable grass roots and community based organizations with current capacity and/or willingness to develop and enhance community building vision through meaningful partnerships to address opportunities and needs in the subject service impact area. U.S. markets where FREEDOM has initiated and/or facilitated projects and/or affiliates includes, but is not limited to: Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Connecticut, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Little Rock, New Orleans, Oakland, Orlando, Providence, San Antonio and Washington, D.C.


When FREEDOM partnered with Shiloh Baptist Church to help it become the 1st African American House of Worship in the state of Connecticut to be completely powered by Solar Energy, it marked a milestone in our drive for Sustainability. Beginning by working directly with Energy Delivery and Production Corporations to support The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (Now Energize CT) to lower residential and businesses energy usage and costs, FREEDOM expanded our work to include partnership with the Connecticut Green Bank and multiple municipalities throughout Connecticut. Having directly impacted hundreds of homes and businesses, FREEDOM has worked with Posigen and other Solar and Energy Sustainability organizations to expand outreach nationally with efforts in California, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Washington D.C. FREEDOM also provides Sustainability Consulting Services.

Education and Training

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said: “If give a man a fish you feed him for a day, if you teach a man to fish you feed him for life.” This thought is one of the basic principles at the core of our work at FREEDOM. Individuals, Organizations and Agencies, whether they be private, public or non-profit, must build and continue to develop capacity to reach the level of ‘self-sufficiency’ needed to thrive in increasingly competitive markets. FREEDOM provides information to help keep abreast of rapidly changing markets and environments. Whether it be economic, social, philanthropic or other societal trends, awareness is essential to success. That information and strong analytical capacity helps FREEDOM design Education and Training that is relevant to the individuals, organizations, constituencies and communities that we serve. Community Design and Development (MLK Corridors Initiative), Faith-Based Housing Development (The FREEDOM-Faith CDC Collaborative) and Workforce Development Programs (CT Faith Jobs Collaborative) are a sampling of FREEDOM’s Capacity Building training efforts. Whether it be through education and training partnerships with industry leaders, custom designed capacity building or broad based grass roots and faith based organization and training, FREEDOM is committed to providing the competitive edge needed by our partners and constituents.