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“Examining and Celebrating Successes and Preparing the Course for Our Future”

Margaret Morton Government Center – 999 Broad Street


Opening Remarks and Greetings
The Honorable Mayor of Bridgeport
Lawrence Parks, Director of Legislative Affairs, FHLB-SF
HUD Regional Director, Hartford
Director, Office of Planning & Economic Development, Bridgeport


Panel Discussion – “The Future of Housing and Development in Southern Connecticut, Eyes on Bridgeport”
Lawrence Parks – Suzanne Piacentini – David Kooris

1:30pm – 3pm

Developer’s Day Presentations
Presentations, Maps and Pictures Detailing Development
Downtown/Steel Pointe/South End/Eco-Park

**Introduction of “FREEDOM to Work” **
New Jobs Program for Bridgeport Residents

3:30pm to 7pm

“Taking It to the Streets”

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